Cornell NYC Tech Campus

In December 2011, Cornell announced its winning proposal for a technology campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. As part of a graduate workshop, comprised of graduate students in real estate and landscape architecture, this project was an effort to give the university architects various visions of the Cornell NYC Tech Campus.

Our vision for the campus was built upon the fundamental themes of innovation, integration, and connection. It was through the evaluatation of existing assets to the future development and its adjacent residents that we developed a design that focused on off-site development, community resources, and innovative landscape features. These elements made our design most unique almongst the class.

This design was done in partnership with Heather Harris and Colin Brown, with the supporting financial and market analysis by Lenny DeStefano, Frank Desloge, Jermaine Gause, and Patrick Nessenthaler.

Skills: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop; Rhino 3D; Google SketchUp

LA 7020: Advanced Design Studio with Mark Foerster, Marc Miller, and Peter Trowbridge | Spring 2012