A small city in the Scottish Highlands, Fort William is currently in a state of decay due to its relationship with the dominant vehicular traffic. The A-82 cuts off pedestrian access to the waterfront and the historical Fort. The city already engages the public through a pedestrian High Street of shops and tourist attractions, but the rest of the city suffers in quality due to its lack of attention.

The Master Plan redefines the fabric of the city by rearranging the hierarchy of urban conditions in the city. For example, placing pedestrian access above all elements means that our goal is to promote the circulation of people for a better experience of the city. Doing so requires the replacement and addition of architecture, and the enhancement or expansion of green spaces or public spaces.

Master Plan designed in Partnership with Michael Rouwendaal, David Rohr, and Louise Searle at the Edinburgh College of Art

Skills: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, Google SketchUp

LA 090008: Urban Regeneration with Kenny Fraser | Spring 2011