The Central Delaware River Basin is incredibly rich with geological material, which is why people decided to settle here hundreds of years ago.

In the last century, this region has produced less goods and now is in the industry of providing services. The most recent enterprise that has entered this landscape is warehousing and distribution. And while the job market for distribution is abundant, the concentration of warehouses and vehicular traffic in this region poses a great risk to the health of this naturally rich landscape.

Conversely, this region has been popular as a tourist destination for urbanites who want to reconnect with nature. The National and State Parks not only provide recreational opportunities, but also preserve habitats that provide biogeochemical functions for our environment.

My proposal is to develop a scalable framework for geotourism that stewards ecological conservation, recognizes our industrial heritage, provides opportunities for jobs, and creates alternative development in Lehigh Valley.

Skills: ArcGIS, Illustrator, InDesign

LARP 601: Green Stimuli: Slate Lands with Ellen Neises + Molly Bourne | Fall 2015