As part of an individual portion for the Fort William Master Plan, this is a redesign of the space most adjacent to the historical fort. Due to its current limited access and isolation from pedestrians, I chose to develop a residential area that brought stimulation to the landmark. Narrow townhouses, emulating the structure of West 8's Borneo Sporenburg, were selected to give an electic style to the area, and bring people back to the waterfront.

This site is currently a portion of the A-82 and a parking lot for Morrison's Grocery. The planting scheme in between the houses is meant to have stormwater management purposes. Plants like Populus tremula and Helianthus annuus have reparative qualities, and were chosen to mediate the water that flows from hardsurfaces to drains. In addition, there are plants with a historical relationship to the area, such as the Chilean Araucaria araucana and Cornus alba.

Skills: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, Rhino 3D

LA 090008: Urban Regeneration with Kenny Fraser | Spring 2011